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Sugar Condensed Syrups (cordials)  
Amalia's cordials are distinguished and exceptional not only due to their quality but also their taste. This is due to the method in which they are produced traditionally, through distillation. Amalia's cordials are distinctive because the company does not simply mix the raw materials and bottle the product.

Amalia cordials undergo a time consuming and traditional process of production which only exists in our company. This is the reason the cordials are exquisite both in quality and taste. The two available flavors are Rose, one with natural coloring and the other with artificial coloring, but both without preservatives; hold the largest amount of shares in the market because of the way they are produced, but also because of the particular flavor in comparison to other similar products that exist in the market.

The Banana, Blackcurrant, and Pomegranate cordials are also produced in the traditional method; they do not contain preservatives and can be mixed with frozen water or gaseous refreshments with a wonderful taste. Additionally, Amalia manufactures Orange and Lemon cordials that are enriched with added Vitamin C and fruit juice.

The Almond cordial (soumada), the pride of Amalia's cordials, is the only kind that is produced by the distillation of almonds, and is perfectly natural, without coloring substances, preservatives and with the rich aroma of Bitter Orange Flavor adding to its unique flavor. It is the only cordial that when mixed with water can be drunk hot or cold, can be used in many Recipes, which you can find on our web page.
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Rose Cordial with artificial color Rose Cordial with natural color Lime Cordial Almonds Cordial Pomegranate Cordial Banana Cordial Blackcurrant Cordial Orangeade Cordial Lemonade Cordial