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Company Profile  


Amalia Grinding Ltd was founded in 1948 in Larnaca. In the well-known gallery of Saint Lazarus, Haralambos Vavatsiniotis, a progressive and imaginative man dared. With hand moved machines, a roaster and a mill, he became a pioneering man for his time. He allocated the pure and fragrant Amalia coffee in paper sachets and distributed them by bicycle to various professionals in Larnaca.


In modern packaging, Amalia coffee is distributed to thousands and more professionals through an excellently organized distribution network system to the following cities: Nicosia, Limasol, Larnaca, and Paphos, Famagusta (Paralimni and Ayia Napa).

What Other Features Characteritically Make Amalia Coffee Different: The excellent quality of raw materials used, the art obtained by the 50 and beyond years of experience, the adaptations made to the progress of technology and consuming tendencies, specialized use of packaging which protects the coffee's purity from environmental effects.

From 1963 until today, with new installations and improved equipment, Amalia, has enriched its line of products: condensed Rose syrup (cordial), with natural coloring and without preservatives, almond cordial (soumada) made from the distillation of natural almonds, bananas, pomegranates, blackcurrant, black cherries and exotic fruit. All of the above syrups are naturally made without additional preservatives. Also, the orange and lemon cordials have additional vitamin C.

In 1963, the eminent sharper (afroza) was placed in the market. Then, in 1972 Amalia's pioneering Dry Nuts, Rosewater (Rodostema), Water with Bitter Orange Flavor (Anthonero), a massive variety of Cyprus Delights (loukoumia) of 10 different types were introduced into the market, and Brittle (Pastelaki). The above products complete Amalia's line of products. Dimitris HagdiKleanthous and collaborators aspire and aim to continue their predecessors' successful work, in contemporary times, and thus add to the company's history.